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The Painter

Nina Winther is a young danish artist, living and working on the island of Funen in Denmark. She is academically trained from Barcelona Academy of Art, where she studied under world renown oilpainters Jordi Diaz Alama and Arthur Gain among others. She spend her years in Barcelona learning how to draw and paint, using the methods and ideas of the old european masters like Velazquez, Fransisco de Goya and Paul Peter Rubens, while going to the local museums to see the paintings in real life, to study them.

During her last year at the academy she got a scholaship from the academy, that included teaching figure drawing and portrait painting to the younger students for the whole year.

After returning to Denmark, she has been practicing to continue developing the skills, that she collected in Spain and working in many different directions, trying to find her path in painting. This has mainly resulted in still lifes and narrative paintings of quite different style, some rough and sketchy, others very smooth and detailed.

While experimenting with her own paintings, she has been working to earn a living, by painting a number of comission portraits and by teaching painting and drawing at an art school, at the art museum of Kunstmuseum Brandts and at home in her own atelier.

In 2022 Nina Winther went to Florence Italy to study further at Angel Academy of Art where she got an advanced space and studied under the world renown Michael John Angel, student of italian masterpainter Pietro Annigoni. Studying in Florence, she had the opportunity to visit the vast Mueseu Uffizzi very frequently and would spend many hours drawing in front of the great masterpieces by Paul Peter Rubens, Bronzino,Antonio Mancini among many more.

Nina Winther is working on and striving to create intricate paintings full of symbolic weight with a meaning and a narrative. She is currently working on a series of bigger paintings, that are to communicate and discuss the fear of the climate crisis and the ruin of nature, that we are currently experiencing.

This series will be at display at her very first solo show in Hundested, Denmark in March.

Below you can watch a video interview that was made n 2020, by online gallery Galeo and  get a peep at the atelier and the artist, though it is in Danish.
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