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Den evige ægtemand-oil on canvas-2020

Quince, Bread and Flowers-Oil on linen-41cm x 70cm-2019

Stillife with blue vase and silk-Oil on wood-2019-SOLD

Cabbage and onion-Oil on wood-2019-SOLD

Clementines-Oil on wood-2018-SOLD

Jug and lemons-Oil on wood-29cm x 21cm-2019-1.500 KR-SOLD

Bananas-Oil on panel-24cm x33cm-2018-SOLD

Hokkaido on persian rug-Oil on wood-35,5cm x 24cm-2019 - SOLD

Study of dead Squirrel-Oil on wood-2019-SOLD

Constance-Oil on linen-65cm x 41cm-2018

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